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UKKO S from Tromox guarantees more performance and fun from

by 8Trades on October 11, 2021

In succession of the popular and the much-discussed mini electric motorcycle MINO (launched last year) TROMOX presented this year the new and extravagant UKKO S with fast charging technology, larger dimensions and more powerful than their previous model MINO. MINO was developed for a young urban target group of riders who wanted to be a little bit faster than their fellow (electric) bicycle owners. Tromox reached a community that valued personal customisation and garnered a lot of recognition in Asia and Europe.

tromox ukko sideview electric motorcycle Tromox
With more speed and power than it’s previous model, the UKKO S is a completely new developed electric motorbike based on a lightweight, all-aluminum alloy frame. With an impressive 203 Nm of torque, the silent belt-driven mid-mounted motor takes you to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds. These promising results already guarantee a lot of fun, also for commuters.
With these kind of electric vehicles, a fast charging technology should definitely not be missing here. Users can charge the battery by Tromox newly designed charging pile. (The removable battery uses an automotive-grade 72V/55Ah blade lithium battery pack).
Tromox Ukko moto elettrica
Tromox Ukko Front light The Pack news

Even the manufacturing process of the UKKO S is a high tech and sophisticated process. This new electric motorcycle has adopted the robot argon arc welding techniques with a perfectly processed weld as a result.


4 kW continuous
8 kW peak
203 Nm
Belt-driven (Continental)
Max speed: 100 km/h

Seat height: 760 mm
Loading weight: 170 kg
Netto weight: 110 kg

Tires and brakes
Front tire: 100/80-13
Rear tire: 120/70-13
CBS (Combined Braking System): option
ABS: option

72V / 55Ah battery
Capacity: 3,960 Wh

THE PACK | Guy Salens: The UKKO S is a striking and fresh appearance on the street. We are already convinced that young riders will find this a worthy and fun alternative to traditional vehicles. Light electric motorcycles are going to play an important role in personal mobility. Whether you use them for work-home traffic or just for fun. The company who can create a good mix of design, technology and a friendly user usability has a head start and chance of success. Tromox has understood this already for a while and with the new UKKO S the company has launched a unique eye-catching appearance with promising riding results.


Ukko electric motorcycle 100km/h


TROMOX has already experienced the enthusiasm of overseas markets for Light Electric Vehicles since last year when MINO was first exported to Europe. UKKO S samples will be gradually delivered out in October, and mass production at the end of this year. So customers can already order a test ride or book to purchase it online or through the local Tromox dealerships.


As a rising and new electric two-wheeler manufacturer in China, TROMOX has a high skilled and enthousiastic team of senior employees, talented young engineers and designers who want to create a new sustainable future. The electric MINO was a first introduction to the new electric motorcycle market with a great success in Europe and Asia. It’s Tromox ambition to design and develop more personalised and intelligent electric motorcycles and scooters for young motorcycle enthusiasts and commuters around the world.

This article is from the blog, credit to THE PACK | Guy Salens