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TROMOX MINO, a small electric leisure bike full of playfulness, landing in Japan

by 8Trades on October 08, 2021

"XEAM", which is dedicated to electric motorcycles, will introduce an electric motorcycle called "MINO" from the electric motorcycle manufacturer TROMOX, which is headquartered in China.

"MINO" is classified as one type of moped, can be driven with a moped license or a normal car license, the maximum speed on the specifications is 50 km / h, cruising distance Is 88km (* When a rider weighing 75kg runs on flat ground at 30km / h and a temperature of 26 degrees). One of the features of the electric bike is that it is equipped with an inverted front fork and a laid-down rear shock, and there are also models that use an in-wheel motor and belt drive, and that it is chain-driven. Its appearance is just a leisure bike. It has two driving modes such as "ECO" and "SPORTS" for a playful look. When I actually tried the test drive, in ECO mode, when I twist the throttle, it accelerates slowly and the speed increases slowly. On the other hand, when you switch to SPORTS mode, you can literally look at an aggressive face. The torque rise is set to reduce irritability, but you can still feel comfortable acceleration. Assuming a scene where you run for fun, not just for movement, if you apply a strong brake from the point where you got on the speed, it will brake firmly while being stable. There is no blurring in the movement of the car body when entering a corner, and I feel a sense of stability.

At the beginning of the run, you may be confused by the output characteristics of an electric motorcycle, and you may want to feel more acceleration from the low speed range, but once you get used to it, you can run without worrying about light movements and operation. I am fascinated by the fun and it makes me want to find a run that suits the characteristics of this bike more. Although the SPORTS mode is aggressive, it is not overwhelming to the rider, and there is a great sense of security that you can enjoy running without feeling scared. The weight of the body is as light as about 68 kg, so you can use it as a way to enjoy a motorcycle while you are out in the car. Of course, since it is an electric motorcycle, there is no exhaust noise or exhaust gas, and I am happy that I do not mind the noise and smell.

The lithium-ion battery loaded with "MINO" has a rated capacity of 1860Wh (60V / 31Ah). Charging can be done by connecting the adapter directly to the car body or by removing the battery and charging in the house. Since it can be charged from a 100V outlet provided in ordinary households, no special work is required. I want to enjoy not only moving but also driving unique to electric motorcycles. It can be said that "MINO" is a leisure bike that fulfills such hopes without high hurdles.I want to enjoy the unique driving of an electric motorcycle . It can be said that "MINO" is a leisure bike that fulfills such hopes without high hurdles.

The "MINO" scheduled to be released from XEAM in mid-June 2021 is the manufacturers suggested retail price (including 10% consumption tax) of 299,800 yen. ■ TROMOX "MINO" specifications Body dimensions: 1500 x 730 x 935 mm Seat height: 680 mm Body weight: 68 kg (including battery) Minimum ground height: 145 mm Transport: Chain drive motor: Center motor Battery voltage: 60V 31Ah System voltage: 60V Illumination voltage : 12V Brake System: Hydraulic Brake Intelligent System: Smart VCU System Shock Absorber: Inverted Type (Front), Monoshock (Rear) Tire Size: 90 / 90-10 (Front), 100 / 80-10 (Rear) Controller: FOC Vector controller Charging time: 7.5h Battery: Lithium battery Battery cell: 18650 cell Maximum speed: 50km / h Maximum climbing angle: 15 ° Cruising distance: 88km Rated output: 600W Maximum output: 2500W Rated torque: 6.3N ・ m Rated rotation speed : 1800rpmSpecs