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An interview With Founder of TROMOX, A New Star of Electric Motorcycle Manufacturer

by 8Trades on October 08, 2021

With the implementation of the new national standard for electric vehicles, the electric vehicle industry has ushered in major changes. A large number of small and medium-sized companies and brands have been quickly eliminated from the market. In the face of market opportunities, new vehicle-manufacuring forces have risen together. Among them, the giants and upstarts have attracted most attentions from the consuerms and media. As one of them, Mr. Chen Guanping, TROMOX’ founder and CEO, recently steps into the livestreaming studio of Global Electric Vehicle Network, a leading new media in China.

interview with CEO of Tromox  Mr. Chen Guanping


The entry of TROMOX has astonished the industry of two-wheel electric vehicles. In November 2019, TROMOX completely subverted everyone’s inherent understanding of the L1e class electric motorcycles with this lightweight, intelligent and personalized "MINO" at the worlds top motorcycle exhibition EICMA in Milan. From then TROMOX is becoming the most powerful force among the new forces of electric motorbike manufacturing.

TROMOX sticks to its original intention: to create a new travel species

The original intention was to subvert the parts assembly thinking of traditional motorcycle manufacturers, and TROMOX developed and produced new travel species with brand-new vehicle manufacturing thinking and innovative concepts. Among them, the new species of electric motorcycles "MINO", made its debut at the Milan exhibition, making the world two-wheeled vehicle industry fully feel the charm of Chinas manufacturing, creating and leading a new trend of electric motorcycle products, and injecting vitality into the entire industry.

TROMOX is aiming at creating a lighter and more personalized smart electric motorcycle. TROMOX is to be "Unicorn of electric motorcycle industry" and dares to shout such slogans, precisely because TROMOX is a high-end company. A provider of differentiated products and the pursuit of cooler riding ways, TROMOX has an internationally leading professional team from all levels of design, technology, supply chain, etc. Respect for originality, Chen also believes that only products with originality can survive.

Motorcycle enterprise cross-border, innovative industry, the helm focus on personalized electric motorcycle

After the introduction of the new national standard for electric vehicles, TROMOX saw the future prospects of the electric vehicle market. Mr. Chen Guanping, the founder and CEO of TROMOX Technology, is particularly optimistic about the future of electric two-wheeled vehicles. He has been rooted in the traditional gasoline motorcycle industry for many years. He has rich experience. He has his own insights in supply chain, product development, brand operation, etc. With the multiple guarantees of strong capital strength, manufacturing advantages and product ideas, TROMOX not only has unique advantages in business ideas and models, but also has a representative voice in the creation of electric two-wheeler products.

Traditional electric mopeds have a high degree of overlap, but for consumers, changes in travel demand have occurred subtly. Some consumers are eager for newer, more personalized and higher-end products. Therefore, Chen Guanping boldly predicted the future of the electric vehicle market is bound to be a qualitative market as well as a personalized market. The emergence of TROMOX Mino motorcycle just fills the gap in this market.

Out of the ordinary, TROMOX creates a new riding ecosystem


The emergence of TROMOX has brought many new things to the industry. Relying on its unique design concept and the big data intelligent technology of the Internet of Things, TROMOX MINO gives the electric motorcycles in the new national standard era a more intelligent design and allows an intelligent control system. It is simpler, and the appearance is more compact and flexible, which fully meets the needs of consumption upgrades and young people.

For example, the TROMOX intelligent central control system of the MINO consists of TROMOX APP and VCU intelligent central controller. It is composed of more than 10 sensors throughout the vehicle and the TROMOX cloud, which can break through the limitations of time and place. The Samsung/Panasonic lithium batteries on MINO can be easily taken out from the motorcycle for charging or quick exchange.

Chen comments that the current industry is facing two major era trends: consumption upgrades and the rise of young people. These two major trends have deeply affected the direction of product development such as fashion and electronic equipment. The electric vehicle industry has been slow to adapt to the trends of the times, but as the mainstream of the times changes, the electric vehicle consumer market will inevitably be deeply affected, and TROMOX can be said to be one step ahead in the industry.

Under the trend of the age of brand rejuvenation, consumption scenarios, and product socialization, the demand for personalized products has gradually expanded, and homogenized competing products have fallen into a vicious circle of large quantities and low profits. The advantages of personalized products have become increasingly prominent. The positioning of TROMOX has taken the lead to help electric scooter dealers escape the quagmire of price competition.

Lastly, the founder says, as an emerging manufacturer and brand in the electric two-wheeler industry, TROMOX always welcome comments and suggestions on its motorcycles and peripheral gadgets. TROMOX also looks forward to working with veteran motorcycle dealers and industry newbies. All suggesions and inquiries can be sent to